10k Times By Age


Age Grade Calculator | Runner's World

This age grade calculator lets you compare your race times to older and younger runners, as well as those of the opposite sex.

Average 10k Pace By Age and Sex - Pace Calculator

Average 10k Pace by Age and Sex ... for all ages by sex as calculated using 10,000 10k runners in the US in 2010. .... See a chart of national average times:.

What's a Good Finishing Time For a 10K? - Verywell

Find out what's considered a good time for a 10K and how to train for one. The finishing time varies based on experience, age, and type of .

Typical 10K Times of a Runner or Jogger | LIVESTRONG.COM

A 10K refers to a 10kilometer distance for runners, usually indicating a race distance. Runners or elite athletes will complete the 6.2mile race .

Age-Graded Results Calculator - Heartbreak Hill Striders

DIRECTIONS. This calculator is intended to provide you with an agegraded race time and an achievement percentile for a recent performance at a specific race .

What Is the Average Time for a 10K Run for a Beginner? | Chron.com

Running takes time, and running a 10K takes commitment to a fitness regimen ... average 10K running times will fluctuate based on fitness level, age and gender .

Runbayou: Age-Grade Calculator

Enter your sex, age, distance and time. Then click the Agegrade button to get your agegraded performance data. Note: Times can be entered as hh:mm:ss or .

Single Age Records

This section lists the fastest performances for each single age and for each of the ... These are required to be able to document the runner's exact age at the time .

A Good 10k time? — Runner's World UK Forum

What would be considered a good or above average 10k time? ... couch potato a few years back, but not that it is a good time compared to most runners my age.

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