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Shop for the latest merch, nose jewelry & more at Hot Topic.comThe Destination for Music & Pop ... 18G 5/8 Purple CZ Titanium Nose Stud, , hires .

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Steel Faceted MultiColor CZ Shaped Nose Jewelry 6 Pack. $16.90 $12.67. 25% OFF ..... OFF SITE Select Styles. 18G 3/8 Steel Basic Gold Hinge Hoop, , hires .

Cartilage Jewelry For Guys & Girls | Hot Topic

Shine bright with a sun burst cartilage stud. Choose anywhere between 14G and 18G earrings. Don't be afraid to raise the bar on your earrings when you put on .

Body Jewelry | FAQ | Customer Service | Hot Topic

TitaniumThis lightweight metal is commonly used for colored body jewelry. ... Nose nostril piercing is commonly done in either 18 gauge or 20 gauge and .

Morbid Metals Nose Hoop 3 Pack | Hot Topic

Steel Silver Black & Rose Gold Segment Nose Hoop 3 Pack, , hires. Steel Silver ... 10832911. Steel Blue Purple Clear Opal Nose Stud & Hoop 9 Pack, , hires.

Septum Jewelry - Hot Topic

Looking to add something new and fun to your nose? Check out these unique septum rings. Don't want septum piercing jewelry? Try on a faux septum ring.

Faux Body Jewelry: Earrings, Pinchers & Plugs | Hot Topic

25% OFF SITE Select Styles. NFL Oakland Raiders 18G Faux Plug 2 Pack, , hi res ... A faux septum ring will show you nose good style. Trying to be plugged into  .

Captive Hoops For Guys & Girls | Hot Topic

Steel Basic Captive Hoop 4 Pack. $12.90 $9.67. 25% OFF SITE Select Styles. 18G 3/8 Steel Basic Gold Hinge Hoop, , hires .

Body Jewelry: Septum Retainer for Guys & Girls | Hot Topic

Hot Topic has quality nose ring retainers. Cat got your tongue when showing off your body jewelry? Then put in a tongue ring retainer. These products will help .

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